The Free City Project

The Free City is free from electrosmog

A healthy city is a city that looks after the health and quality of life of its citizens. This is the goal we wish to achieve during the planning of environmental conditions of the Free City.

In the age of continuing intensive technological progress related to the development of electrical and electronic equipment is becoming more and more exposed to the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF). Our Biosphere came has existed for billions of years under the influence of natural electromagnetic field, without which human life on Earth would be impossible. Regarding this, it can be observed that daily biological cycles synchronize with solar activity cycles. Total elimination of human contact with a natural electromagnetic field is not good for one’s physical and psychological health. However due to changes taking place in how society is being organized the natural human environment has become overwhelmed by artificial electromagnetic radiation known as electrosmog. In the last few decades the environmental exposure to sources of electromagnetic fields created by man have systematically increased due to the high demand for electricity and continual development of wireless technology. It also relates to changes in types of work style and social behaviors.

In everyday life every person at home as well as at work is exposed to a complex combination of electric and magnetic fields of various frequencies, which may have an adverse effect on human health.

In terms of the EcoHealth program each project undertaken by us requires a careful examination of these conditions and an adequate strategy to be implemented. Applying to the recommended national and international limits of exposure, helps to control the risk level of the EMF effect. Within the confines of the residents’ health protection program of the Free City we use professional methods of identifying and minimizing threats coming directly from the apartment’s surroundings. Our goal is to create an environment within the apartment that is as free as possible from harmful electromagnetic radiation and making it much closer to a natural environment.
Rysunek: Wzrost pola elektromagnetycznego na przestrzeni ostatnich 130 lat

Conscious shaping of a safe apartment environment

The influence of the apartment’s environment upon health and mood is significant. Caring about the health of our family, we try to eat well, motivate each other to be active in sports, but we often forget about the quality of our living conditions. Yet, we spend most of our time at home – working, learning, playing with children, doing our chores and regenerating after a day’s work. However, in order for our body to be most efficient during this period, we have to give it the right conditions.

The first step in the direction of shaping the awareness of the health risks related to the effects of electromagnetic field in the apartment’s surroundings, is to change the attitude of how we equip our household. Taking into account the amount of electric devices, their placement, time of staying on and their actual usage to us helps to limit the negative health impact related to the effects of EMF. The next step is to use protective means in order to create safer living environment against the exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

First in Europe

In consideration of the care of residents, Eco-Classic as the first developer in Poland will use modern construction technologies aimed at health protection. The Free City means living free from the harmful effects of electrosmog.


The shielding materials used in the apartments (special primer paint) are absorbing layers designed to protect humans against artificial electromagnetic radiation. The protection range is an outcome of ingredient combination used to create the shielding system. It has the best shielding properties against EMF in the range of ~100mHz to ~1Mhz. This allows to decrease the intensity of the electromagnetic field in an apartment environment by the value of two and therefore significantly reduces the effects of EMF upon the human body.

Drawing: Measurement results in five locations in the kitchen at Hubertus Residential Complex in Warsaw, before and after paining with shielding primer paint and afterwards with a regular paint. Numbers 1-3: electric field emitting from the cables (220V) inside the plaster layer. Number 4: cables in the plaster layer in the wall, close to the edge of the wall, by the door frame. Number 5: field measurement 40cm over the cable (with 220V running) laid on the floor painted with shielding paint.

Drawing: Shielding of a permanent electric installation using shielding paint.

Drawing: An example of using shielding primer paint along with plaster covered styrofoam tiles. Measurements taken with an electromagnetic field detector ME 3030B by GigaHertz Solutions.

While shaping a health friendly environment, we feel obliged to provide our residents with more than just green and recreational areas around their apartment buildings. We offer the residents a new city life style based on human harmony with the surrounding environment.


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