EMF’s influence

EMF's influence on human health and life

The presence of devices generating artificial electromagnetic field in our everyday life negatively influences our body’s internal biological balance (homeostasis). This influence of artificial electric field upon electrical impulses in the human body that occur naturally and are connected with life functions. These impulses allow communication between cells, which is the basis for the transmission of nerve signals and biochemical reactions. A significant role of EMF’s effect on the molecular level is also played by the large amount of water and minerals that make the human body a perfect electric conductor. The effect of external electromagnetic field upon man is mainly dependent upon frequency and intensity. EMF values of everyday exposure on humans requires their bodies to initiate adequate compensation mechanisms in order to minimize the environmental stress. However, long term exposure to even a minimal level of EMF entails negative health consequences resulting from biological reactions that slowly and noticeably weaken the body.
The current knowledge about the effects of electromagnetic field upon the human health is substantial and is based upon much scientific and medical research which has been conducted for decades all around the world. Extended exposure to electromagnetic smog interrupts the basic functions of the brain, circulatory system, immune system and it is connected with such symptoms as sleep disorder, headaches, irregular heart rate, anxiousness, chronic fatigue or bad mood.

Scientific sources to Electomagnetic pollution

EU Report

Quality of life - electromagnetic field in the apartment

Electrical wiring in apartment buildings in very extensive and is a complex source of EMF. As well as permanent in the form of wiring in walls and floors and in the direct vicinity of the apartment’s surroundings the apartment’s interior environment can be characterized by an ever changing mobile installation caused by all the connected electric devices. Long term exposure to these electromagnetic fields can have a negative influence on residents’ health.

It is especially important in relation to the bedroom, where we spend on average a third of our lives. During sleep the basic functions of the body are less active as it focuses on rest and regeneration. Healthy sleep plays an important role in the DNA repair process in cells, ensuring optimal conditions for the body’s regeneration. Activation of the natural healing resources within the body allows us to enjoy better health and mood. However, typical electric wires in walls, ceiling and floor of the bedroom, not to mention all devices like lamps, alarm clocks and extension cables create EMF that is located close to the human body for many hours. Electromagnetic field shielding in the bedroom is important, because it can ensure a better repair process of DNA at night, when endogenous and exogenous DNA damage is at a minimal level.

It is the environment that we live in that influences our health and quality of life most.


People exposed to artificial electromagnetic radiation are observed to have symptoms such as:

  • sleep disorder
  • headaches and migraines
  • chronic fatigue and exhaustion
  • over sensitiveness and internal unrest
  • memory processing disorder
  • general weakness and susceptibility to infections
  • hormonal disorders

We are aware of the possible health consequences regarding exposure to EMF based upon scientific and medical research. It gives us a basis to undertake a strategy that will prevent the identified sources of electrosmog. The necessity for finding integrated solutions that take into account the health aspects is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international institutions.

ADRTEX in modern office buildingADRTEX in modern office building


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